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Embassy of Fashion Atelier

Embassy of Fashion” is a trademark created by three widely-recognised and highly-awarded Estonian fashion designers: Aldo Järvsoo, Riina Põldroos and Ketlin Bachmann. The garments in this shop are all very limited editions, or one of a kind designer dresses.

“Embassy of Fashion Atelier” is a newly-launched brand based on these three designers’ long years of experience in working with every client on a personal and individual basis. 


A new line of clothing which offers high quality studio design to a broader audience. Over time, the clientele of the fashion house has become rather varied, from pop stars and politicians to office employees, housewives and teenagers. All of these diverse clients share the same common denominator – a love of beautiful, high-quality, well-fitting and unique clothes.

The new line of clothing will raise this elite studio's fashion output to a higher level in the public's awareness, while remaining true to its free way of thinking, established level of quality and smart design. These are clothes which carry an independent attitude, with no shortage of romance, rock ’n’ roll and drama, together with a unique’ tongue in a cheek’ sense of humour!

The collection primarily uses natural materials, namely silk, cotton, linen and wool. Most of the items have also silk lining. There is a strong emphasis on festive items, since dresses are currently the forté at the fashion house. At the same time, the collection also comprises many elegant essential items tailored from high-quality materials, and these can be combined with items of a more intricate original design.

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